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Employment and Immigration Law

Employment and Immigration Law

With market and economic shifts, new technology, globalisation and global mobility, a demand for more flexible workforces and ever-increasing scrutiny of compliance and ethics, the employment and labour challenges for multinationals are greater than ever.

Whether you need assistance with acquisitions, outsourcings, expansions or reductions-in-force, local or international employee relations, data privacy or data protection, local, cross-border or collective litigation, local or multi-jurisdictional compliance and risk management, we have the experience and we can help.

Our clients range from startups to emerging multinationals and some of the biggest and best known global brands in the world. We work with our clients locally, internationally and across borders. Our global reach and local knowledge means that we can partner with clients to drive consistency, deliver cost savings and help them identify and manage their priorities and risk across multiple locations.

Diversity, Discrimination and Equal Pay

We help clients create a legally compliant and diverse workforce. In turn, this helps our clients harness the benefits of being a proactive and fair employer.

Our focus is not simply on defending discrimination claims. That approach is reactive and does nothing to advocate the positive and essential contributions that all sections of the workforce can make.

The risks of not engaging properly with equality and diversity issues can be serious, with policy failings and other problems leading to claims, litigation, financial penalties and damage to corporate reputations and brands. Businesses that show they truly value diversity, encourage respect for individuals and promote equality through a methodical approach, are far better placed to recruit and retain the best talent, which is essential in times of both economic uncertainty and prosperity. It also ensures they are better placed to successfully defend any claims.

Employee and Labor Relations

Whether employers are focused domestically or multi-nationally, the laws relating to an employer’s relations with its workforce are becoming increasingly critical and central to corporate strategy. Whether the issue is compliance with international conventions or treaties, whistleblowing in the financial services sector, employee consultation over business reorganization, or even basic employment law compliance, success turns on navigating an increasingly complex regulatory framework.

Our approach is to use our considerable experience to deliver practical and effective solutions for our clients. We often assist clients in the formulation of strategic goals, applying best practice in the process, in addition to assisting clients to achieve or protect their long term pre set objectives.

With years of experience in dealing with collective employment and traditional labor matters and disputes, we are ideally placed to advise, guide and represent employer clients domestically and internationally.

Employment Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Globalization of world markets has increased the potential for legal liability, exposing multinational employers to financial and reputational risk across multiple jurisdictions. Senior management, directors and employees also need the best legal advice when disputes arise.

We have one of the largest international litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution practices in the local market. We represent clients in a wide range of employment disputes. Through innovative dispute resolution strategies and effective case management, we aim to identify and execute the most advantageous business-oriented solutions, either by pursuing or defending litigation or arbitration proceedings, or through alternative methods, such as mediation.

Immigration Law

 Considering the importance of strategic global mobility, in the sense of a global economy, we assist companies and individuals though providing tailored immigration solutions in various jurisdictions throughout Europe and USA.

Our key immigration services include:

  • Investment recommendations, such as preparation of the list of projects and/or business opportunities suitable for a particular investment criteria;
  • Due diligence of the project or business selected by the investor;
  • Establishment of a due corporate structure, required for any particular investment;
  • Assistance in finding of the required financing for a particular project selected by the investor;
  • Legal assistance in drafting and execution of all documents related to the investment issues;
  • Legal assistance in application for temporary and where appropriate a permanent residence permit in the country of investment;
  • Professional (licensed) real estate agent services, where required by client;

Recommendations in regards to the actions aimed to application for a citizenship in the country of investment.